Maritime Agency

Representing the interests of the charterer / shipper / consignee of the cargo, we always keep all interested parties well informed about the vessel's prospects and throughout the embark or disembark operation through daily reports. With a wide experience we guarantee agility in the manifestation and elaboration of the documentation of all type of cargo.

Among the services provided in shipping agency are:

  1. Vessels’s clearance at local authorities (Customs, Immigration, Health authority, Harbormaster, Port authority) for arrival, berthing, operation and departure of the vessel at Brazilianports;
  2. Subcontracting of local services such as: Practical, Tugboats, motorboat, port operator, Surveyors, transport among others;
  3. Assistance to the vessel and crew during inspection and requests of the local authorities;
  4. Careful support to shippers / charterers for a quick release of shipping documentation.